Do you consciously or unconsciously support the delusion of inclusion?
by Dr. MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree

The billion-hair business is in direct proportion to the degree that we as Aboriginal indigenous people show hate for our God given natural gifts: beautiful skin, beautiful hair, beautiful bodies and minds. Wearing weaves or not wearing weaves at this point in OurStory and  struggle for liberation is not a matter of individual/personal choice,  it is a matter of a  lack of freedom consciousness and a lack of understanding what we as a Nubian people need today not tomorrow. I understand if a sister has a physical illness (such as cancer) and she is not ready to face losing her hair. In those cases, I can kind-of see the need to wear a wig to some type of headpiece or sisters who for the sake of maintaining employment chose to cover their natural hair on the job with a wig. However, those sisters who believe they look better with fake hair or human hair weaves are under a severe delusion. When we talk about natural hair definition is important Natural black hair is hair texture that has not been altered by use of hot combs, flat irons, or chemicals (by perming, relaxing, or straightening). Many girls and women are now opting to recover from abusing their hair! 
The media, lack of love of self and/or a deep unconscious self-hatred perpetuate a delusion of inclusion. How many children have to die, how many women have to be abused and mistreated, how many of our men have to be unjustly incarcerated, before we realize that every aspect of our life is a piece of the solution or collaboration for or against our global liberation?  Sisters, please wake up. We need your bright and self-determined energy.  Instead of building economic empires for every other race and nationality, concentrate on nation building, on saving our children and Black liberation, which benefits every human being. You can start by honoring and respecting yourself, and by breaking your addiction to the white dominance and white/european standard of beauty.  We must encourage sisters to “Be who you be.”  Be courageous. Have or begin to develop an unapologetic race pride, It is okay to be and to love being a naturally beautiful black woman. 

Oh, and brothers, get real,  the sisters often dress and adorn themselves to please you, so man up, revolutionaries protect and truly love their people. They do not accept, lie down or fall for the trickery of their open enemy. This growing multi-billion-dollar hair business is not an accident. It is by design and you are helping when you accept the fake hair and weaves as normal and something good.  Help the fake hair; weave wearing and/or, skin bleaching sisters to come back to their beautiful natural and powerful selves. Help those who think it is acceptable to continue unhealthy habits or that creamy crack addiction. With compassion and love, let them know we are in a fight for our very survival. Help them to overstand that the money spent being someone other than themselves is both disrespectful to our ancestors and injurious to our people globally. Here are some more positive, healthy steps towards liberation:
1.“Doing for self “or “Buy Black” are more than rhetorical statements. They are steps toward our liberation and a way out of the economic, cultural, political, and education midfields most Black folks find themselves. 

2.“Oppression is worse than a grave” Honoring the struggles of our aboriginal and African ancestors, de-whiten  and re-afrikanize our minds is not hatred of others; it is love for ourselves, our children, future generations yet unborn and greater huemanity

3.Begin to analyze what is promoted in movies, on the Tel-A-Lie-Vision and recognize the subtle attacks on our ancient cultural and Black people globally. 

4.Offer resistance to the madness and cultural genocide, democide. Resistance such as writing articles have mass mind sessions to inform neighbors of the truth instead of repeating negative propaganda designed to confuse, mislead and ultimately destroy our families and people.

5.Learn to eat healthy, avoid GMO foods, over processed foods, grow a garden, plant natural seeds

6.Read, study, learn and read some more about the true greatness of aboriginal indigenous people all over the world. Stop accepting the okoie doke!

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